The picture does not do this beauty justice. A hand carved mahogany/teakwood bowl from Indonesia. 16 inches x 4 inches. This 20 ounce candle has an estimated burn time of 120 hours. It is scented in  a warm, earthy and manly scent of teakwood with a hint of sandalwood. Once you are finished burning the candle, simple wipe away the wax while warm and repurpose the bowl as a beautiful art piece in your home, or return it to us for a refill! 

Our candles are made with organic soy wax, plant based and will never harm the wood. 




Important notes: Each dough bowl is unique as they are hand carved. This means they are ALL different and come in different sizes.  When burning the candle, the oils in the wax may set into the soft wood bowls as that are not coated. We try our very best to be sure that there are no leaks but if one does occur you can plug the hole using wood filler or a piece of tape. We recommend if this happens to burn your candle on top of a piece of newspaper.  All wicks have to be lit at once and burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.  First burn until the wax is wet across the entire top may take 4 hours.

A candle snuffer is highly recommended when extinquishing the wicks. Take extreme care if you blow these out as the wax pools are larger than normal. 

When finished burning - Simply wipe out the remaining residue while warm. Use as a bowl or send back to us for a REFILL!

Mahogany Dough bowl - 20 oz.